English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)


CT State Capital’s ESOL Program is designed to enable non-native English-speaking students to develop and synthesize the core English language proficiency skills necessary for success towards attaining a college degree or certificate. As a reflection of CT State Capital’s mission: The ESOL Program is committed to providing access to higher education through meeting the English language learning needs of the diverse residents of Greater Hartford.

The five-level ESOL curriculum consists of one six-credit integrated skills course per level.   The academically-focused courses integrate speaking, listening, reading and writing to facilitate student learning. Online computer-assisted language learning, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere, has been integrated into each level.

Levels two through five (ESOL 1202, ESOL 1302, ESOL 1402, and ESOL 1502) are credit bearing and can be applied toward a degree.

English as a Second Language: Advanced English Proficiency Certificate

The English as a Second Language (ESL) Certificate of Advanced English Proficiency provides non-native speakers of English with personal and professional development opportunities, encourages lifelong learning, and provides employers with measurable proof of proficiency in English. Each of the courses in the program addresses English language skills and abilities necessary for success in academic studies or in careers. The curriculum includes general college courses in composition, literature, and speech, as well as ESL. Students may also use this certificate in their native countries as verification of their advanced language study and proficiency in the English Language. Both full and part-time students whose native language is not English are eligible for this program


ESOL Academic Advising

In collaboration with the Counseling Office, the ESOL Administrator and full time ESOL faculty will advise and guide ESOL students through the ESOL curriculum towards their chosen field of study/major.

If you are a current student and would like to make an ESOL Advising appointment with the ESOL Administrator, please click here.

ESOL Tutoring Services

All academic support is directed by the Academic Success Center, providing a wealth of individual, online, and small group tutoring for all majors.

Current students may contact the Academic Success Center or ESOL Administrator to make an appointment.

ESOL Faculty

This dynamic team of faculty members hold graduate degrees in TESOL and related fields. They employ a range of student-centered instructional methods and techniques.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Display academic values and readiness for content-area courses in an American post secondary system
    1. Take responsibility for his/her own learning
    2. Employ college resources to navigate the academic environment
    3. Demonstrate basic competence with information technology
  2. Demonstrate ability to comprehend, interpret and apply spoken, written and socio-cultural forms of communication
    1. Demonstrate awareness of both explicit and implied meaning in extended spoken discourse
    2. Read with comprehension of both content and organization
    3. Recognize and employ elements of socio-cultural communication appropriate to a variety of situations
  3. Apply a range of language structures to interact effectively in interpersonal and academic situations
    1. Speak with sufficient accuracy and fluency to report information and express and develop opinions
    2. Write about a variety of topics with level-appropriate correctness, clarity and detail
  4. Display effective cross-cultural communication competence
    1. Display understanding of and respect for cultures of fellow students
    2. Demonstrate awareness of and ability to function effectively in U.S. culture and society




El programa académico de Inglés como Segundo Idioma (ESL) en Capital Community College prepara estudiantes para tomar cursos a nivel universitario y lograr sus metas educativas, ya sea para obtener un grado asociado o un certificado.

En solidaridad con la misión de Capital Community College: El Programa de ESL se dedica a proveer acceso a la educación superior y apoyar a la comunidad multicultural de la region de Hartford a través del aprendizaje del idioma inglés.

El currículo de ESL incluye cinco niveles de instrucción en las áreas de conversación, comprensión, lectura y escritura. Cada nivel se divide entre dos cursos dirigido por el mismo profesor. Se ha integrado programas digitales basado en web para facilitar el aprendizaje de los estudiantes. Recursos estudiantiles incluyen tutoría individual y en grupos dirigido por el Academic Success Center y consejería académica hecho en colaboracion con el Counseling Office.

Para obtener más información sobre los pre-requisitos del Programa de ESL, llame a James Rodriguez, Administrador del Programa ESL a (860) 906-5203 o (860) 906-5144. La oficina de ESL se encuentra en el cuarto piso, puerta 406. Visitenos o llamenos hoy.



James Rodriguez
Room 406
[email protected]
(860) 906-5203

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