Brother 2 Brother

Brother to Brother
Program Description and Overview

The Brother-2-Brother program has been organized to support the academic success of Black and Latino males at CCC. Our mission is to provide additional support, mentoring and encouragement to students as they work towards their academic and professional goals. Brother-2-Brother is committed to the personal, academic, social and cultural development of each member by:

  • Equipping you with the necessary tools and resources to pursue, achieve and maintain academic excellence
  • Encouraging you to cultivate positive peer and adult relationships
  • Helping you engage in the learning process
  • Promoting student leadership and service to the community
Mentee Expectation and Commitment

Your mentoring relationship will bring many exciting opportunities, skills, and knowledge for your personal, academic, and professional growth.

Mentees are expected to:

Brother to Brother

  • Commit to the group mentoring experience during the academic year
  • Meet as a group 1-2 times a month
  • Attend and participate in mentoring activities and events on campus
  • Act in a positive and appropriate manner, and demonstrate respect and consideration towards all students, staff and faculty
  • Take the opportunity to learn from mentors and fellow mentees, just as they will learn from you
  • Value diversity and be sensitive to the uniqueness of each individual or situation
  • Accept that you do not know all of the answers and be willing to listen, learn and accept feedback
  • Listen without judging
  • Be honest
  • Do your best

For more information please contact Randall Ward, Director of Student Activities, B-2-B Coordinator,

If interested in the program, please complete the short interest/application form below.

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