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What is the One Stop Enrollment Center?

The One Stop Enrollment Center is a comprehensive one-stop platform, which will provide students with centralized access to information, resources, and services related to their application to gradation journey. This platform will serve as a hub for prospective, new and current students (readmits and visiting students as well), offering features such as admissions application assistance, general program information, course registration, basic financial aid assistance, student portal support, and more.

How can the One Stop help?

Listed below is a small sample of the services that students can expect at the One Stop:

  • General college information for prospective and new students
  • Admissions application assistance
  • School onboarding assistance
  • Class registration help
  • Course Search navigation
  • Basic financial aid assistance
  • Graduation process guidance
  • myCTState information portal support

Where is the One Stop located on campus?

The One Stop is located on the 2nd floor, immediately across from the elevators.

 What are the hours of the One Stop?

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9am – 5pm
  • Tuesdays from 9am – 6pm
  • Fridays from 9am – 3pm 


(860) 906-5311

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