Student Activities

Greetings CCC students! Although Spring 2020 activities and events are cancelled due to concerns surrounding COVID-19, there are still activities and resources you can access from home. Please click this link for online activities and additional resources.

CCC Student Clubs & Organizations

Students interested in joining an existing club, or starting a new club, should stop by the Office of Student Activities, Room 707.

Black Student Union (BSU)

The purpose of the BSU is to promote unity and harmony among students of color with all other students, staff, faculty, administration and the greater community. The BSU seeks to enhance cultural diversity among students, and organizes social and educational activities.

Advisor: Marcus Lawson, (860) 906-5047,

Capital Community College Cyber Command (C5)

The main goal of C5 is provide students with the training and tools needed to compete in national and regional cybersecurity competitions. C5 members will work with various businesses and partners to research and mitigate real world cybersecurity challenges.

Advisor: Saaid Elhadad, (860) 906-5135,

Capital Student News (CSN)

Capital Student News serves as a journalism venture exposing students to the exciting world of media. CSN makes it their goal to inform and engage the community of current events, campus news and controversial topics. As one of the most diverse student bodies in the region, we provide thought provoking stories on several platforms such as online/social media and video that will be produced and published here at the college. We serve to give students an entry level experience into the world of communication media.

Advisor: Jennifer Thomassen, (860) 906-5016,

Chess Club

The purpose of this club it to bring together chess players at the college and in the Greater Hartford community to share their interest in chess and to promote an understanding of the game for its own sake – as an art and as an intellectual sport. For competitive-minded members, the club provides an organized chess tournament venue. Membership in the Chess Club is open to any person with an interest in chess, regardless of his/her experience or playing ability.

Advisor: Bujar Konjusha, (860) 906-6431,

International Club (IC)

IC’s purpose is to increase social interaction between International and American students at Capital, to create an appreciation for the International students at the college, and to facilitate a better understanding between all. Towards that end, the club provides social and cultural activities to bring everyone together.

Advisor: Minati Roychoudhuri, (860) 906-5017,

LASA (Latin American Student Association)

The purpose of LASA is to promote interest in and celebrate the study of the Spanish language and Latin culture

Advisor: Madeline Santiago, (860) 906-5058,

Advisor: Marie Basche, (860) 906-5095,

M.A.L.E.S. (Men Achieving Leadership Excellence & Success)

M.A.L.E.S. aim to develop the leadership qualities and communication skills of Capital Community College men. Members create programs and activities that will benefit the college and its student body, and strive to act as support for community service projects and other events presented by already-established organizations on campus.

Advisor: TBD

Math Club

Advisor: Bujar Konjusha

Men in Nursing Support Group

Advisor: John Lagosz

Men in Nursing Support Group

Advisor: Jonathan Nyez

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association’s purpose is to promote friendly relationships between Muslim and non-Muslim students, to inform people of other faiths and cultures about Islam, and to encourage brotherly bonds among college students and the community.

Advisor: Gerald Murphy

National Student Nurse Association (NSNA)

Advisor: Gail Gardner-Baxter
Advisor: Marlene Hageman
Advisor: Jennifer Guyer


The purpose of PRIDE is to support gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex and straight students on campus, organize and promote social activities, and educate members and others on campus about GLBTQI issues. All personal issues discussed during meetings, including members’ names and sexual orientation, shall be strictly confidential. No member shall discuss personal information regarding any member, advisor or associate, with non-members or in the presence of non-members.

Advisor: Helena Carrasquillo, (860) 906-5204,

Psychology Club

Advisor: Lilliam Martinez

Senior Ambassadors Club (SAC)

Our purpose is to be a beacon of comradely , support , and enthused participant not only for our fellow peers but also for CCC students too. We want to advocate for shared issues and concerns among our peer group, and actively participate in other student groups and activities to bring awareness and school spirit throughout our college community as well as the greater Hartford community.

Advisor: Elizabeth “Libby” Daniels, (860) 906-5123,

Social Justice Club

Advisor: Arthur Kureczka
Advisor: Michelle White

Social Service Club

The Social Service Club is a student led organization designed to increase awareness of social issues within the college and the wider community. It provides opportunities for students to gain knowledge about the social work major and issues related to the profession of social work. The club recognizes the needs of CCC students through the Capital Cares Food Pantry and the Clothing Pantry strives to bridge those needs. Furthermore, the club offers volunteer opportunities, leadership experiences, career exploration and fellowship with students and faculty. 

This club is designated as the club for social services, early childhood education and criminal justice majors.  However, this club has open membership to all students at the college.

Interim Advisor: Michelle White, (860) 906-5104,

Student Senate

The Capital Community College Student Senate represents all students in order to enhance the Capital experience within the college and the community, through research, legislation, and advocacy. Its primary purpose is to serve as the voice of the student body to the Capital Community College administration, and other constituents concerned with the institution. The Student Senate establishes student body policies through legislation that is later implemented by the Student Body President and his or her executive branch.

Advisor: Waynette Arnum, (860) 906-5047,

Veterans Club (VETS: Veterans Empowering Themselves to Succeed)

The purpose of VETS is to assist Capital Community College veterans and their dependents in networking, and to serve as a liaison for the veterans community outside the college.

Advisor: TBD

Honor Societies:
  • Alpha Beta Gamma (ABG) Business Honor Society

Advisor: Nancy LaGuardia

  • National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS)

NSLS is an organization where like-minded, success-oriented students come together and help one another succeed. Life-changing video lectures from prominent successful people are presented. The Society also serves as a powerful force for good in the greater community by encouraging community service to better the world.

Advisor: TBD

  • Organization of Associate Degree Nurses (OADN) Honor Society

Advisor: Rachel Cohen

  • Organization of Associate Degree Nurses (OADN) Honor Society

Advisor: Tara Farrauolo

  • Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

PTK is an internationally acclaimed honor society recognizing the academic achievement of associate degree students. The purpose of Capital’s chapter is to promote scholarship, develop leadership and service and cultivate fellowship among qualified students. To be eligible for an invitation to join, a student must be currently enrolled, have accumulated 12 semester hours earned at CCC, have achieved a minimum GPA of 3.5 and adhere to the college code of conduct.

Advidor: Michael Ligon, (860) 906-5178,


Randall Ward giving a presentation.
Randall Ward
Director of Student Activities
(860) 906-5087
Room 707A