Dean of Administration


Welcome to the Division of Administration and Finance webpage at Capital Community College. Our mission is to support the academic and student services of the College, by providing the most efficient and effective administrative and financial support to students, faculty, and staff.

Departments that make up this division include: Budget and Financial Planning, Business Office (Student Accounts, Cashiering, Accounting, Purchasing and Contracting), Information Technology, Public Safety, Facility Engineering and Maintenance, Campus Planning and Design.

We are continually working to develop, implement, and improve upon the best practices and highest quality administrative services for the College, with special focus on collaboration, sustainability, transparency and customer service.

We seek to deliver quality services, in order to meet the needs and mission of the College. In addition, we provide the fiscal and administrative counsel to the management team of the College, assuring that the institution operates within the financial, legal and regulatory parameters determined by the Board of Trustees of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities, Federal and State regulatory agencies.

It is our honor and privilege to provide these administrative services to assist in fulfilling the academic achievements, dreams and aspirations of YOU the student.

We welcome your questions, comments, suggestions and concerns. Please submit them to the Office of the Dean of Administration located in room 210, telephone (860) 906-5051, or email

All the best,

Lester Primus
Dean of Administration
B.S. Oakwood College
M.B.A. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Marisol Malavé
Administrative Assistant
Room 210
(860) 906-5051