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Developmental Education

Capital Community College is an open admissions institution. Entering students are required to have graduated from high school but some are not ready for college-level studies and are required to do developmental work before advancing into credit courses.

All new students are required to take the Accuplacer computerized placement test. Approximately 80% of new students place into non-credit, developmental mathematics, English, or English-as-a-Second-Language courses.

Developmental Education Goals and Objectives

Upon successful completion of the developmental course sequence, the student will
Assessment Methods and Findings
1. Demonstrate academic values
    1.1 Take responsibility for his/her own learning
    1.2 Demonstrate academic integrity
    1.3 Display interpersonal skills and appreciation of cultural and ethnic differences
ESL program goals

ESL Student Persistence
2. Demonstrate readiness for college work
    2.1 Listen actively
    2.2 Read analytically
    2.3 Manage time & goals effectively
    2.4 Employ college resources
ESL program goals

ESL Student Persistence
3. Demonstrate effective communication skills
    3.1 Write effectively
    3.2 Speak effectively
    3.3 Support ideas effectively
ESL exit writing assessment

Student Readiness for English 101

Common Writing Assignment Report
4. Apply mathematical & scientific reasoning
    4.1 Demonstrate Thinking critically
    4.2 Display basic mathematics literacy
    4.3 Apply algebraic concepts
    4.4 Apply concepts related to graphs of equations.
Common Math Assignment
5. Demonstrate competence with information sources and technology
    5.1 Write with a word-processor
    5.2 Use online resources effectively
    5.3 Use calculators effectively
Critical Thinking Rubric

Critical Thinking Assessment Summary

FIPSE Technological Literacy Survey

The written communication skills of developmental students are being assessed in three ways: the ESL Exit Writing Assessment, the assessment of Student Readiness for English 101, and the Common Writing Assignment.

English as a Second Language Program:
The ESL Department has developed program goals and course objectives for its four-level program. To assess student achievement of identified writing competencies, it has conducted a holistically-scored exit writing assessment (access restricted) every semester since 1994. The 1999-2001 results reported here have been used to assess the effectiveness of different classroom methodologies. The ESL Program has also analyzed enrollment data to assess students' abilities to transition into non-ESL courses (see ESL Student Persistence).

Student Readiness for English 101:
The Committee on Writing Standards in both 1999 and 2002 conducted large-scale early semester writing assessments of students enrolled in English 101 to determine their readiness for college composition. Results of these assessments and the writing prompts used for the timed writing assignment are linked below. Results were used in revising the course objectives for developmental writing courses, in clarifying guidelines for students' transition from ESL to mainstream English, and in English, ESL, and college-wide faculty discussions of writing pedagogy. Common Writing Assignment:
The Common Writing Assignment is given in multiple courses across the disciplines. Details on this assessment activity and its implications for developmental students are linked within the Common Writing Assignment Report.

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