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Strategic Planning and Assessment

System Level

Capital Community College is a member of the State of Connecticut Community-Technical College System and participates in its planning and assessment process. The System has strategic goals for the colleges as a group and Capital's goals are informed by System goals. The System assesses its effectiveness according to guidelines established by the legislature for the units of higher education in the State. Capital is one of three colleges in the System's urban cohort and is measured against peer institutions relative to six goals: student learning, links to elementary and secondary schools, access and affordability, workforce development, responsiveness to community needs, and efficient use of resources. Review of academic programs and discipline areas at the colleges is also done using a model developed at the System level. Capital uses this model for those programs whose review is not guided by the regulations of an accrediting body.

College Level

Infrastructure and Process

The College has a Strategic Planning Committee appointed by the President and charged with development of a new strategic plan covering the period from 2006-2011. In the first phase of strategic planning, the Planning Committee revised the College mission statement and identified five goals. Preliminary to identifying goals and objectives, the committee reviewed data on the external environment, academic program reviews, assessment results and institutional effectiveness data. A subcommittee of the College Senate whose members are elected by the professional staff will continue the work of this body after the final approval of the new plan.

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