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Instructional Innovations

Central to the multi-faceted, federally-funded retention initiative at the College are instructional innovations including an interdisciplinary College Success Course, interdisciplinary Learning Communities, and professional development in understanding student learning styles and in using classroom assessment techniques. These innovations are designed to enhance teaching, learning, and student success.

Instructional Innovations Assessment Methods and Findings
Interdisciplinary Studies 105: College Success focuses on skills essential for college success taught in the context of a particular academic issue or theme. It is required for all new students in Liberal Arts and recommended for all new students in the college. For a detailed description of student learning outcomes and guidelines for the final assessment portfolio, see IDS 105 Course Outline and Student Learning Portfolio. IDS & Learning Communities Student Survey

IDS & Learning Communities Assessment Plan

CCSSE Results on IDS 105: Student Success
Learning Communities at Capital are active, interdisciplinary learning opportunities. Faculty team-teach pairs or clusters of courses in which students enroll as a group. Learning Communities support student mastery of the knowledge and skills in each course and have the additional benefit of fostering student engagement, affiliation, participation, and success. Learning Communities were launched in Fall 2001. IDS & Learning Communities Student Survey

IDS & Learning Communities Assessment Plan

CCSSE Report on Learning Communities
Learning Styles and Classroom Assessment Techniques: Professional development activities in understanding student learning styles and in classroom assessment methods are designed to enhance teaching and learning across the college. For more information on Classroom Assessment Techniques, see Assessment Resources. Student Learning Styles Report

Reflections on Learning Logs
FIPSE-CTDLC Project: Supporting Online Learners: Capital is one of twelve colleges participating with the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium in this three-year, $450,000. FIPSE grant. The purpose of the grant is to support the academic success of students enrolled in online courses and programs by assessing and improving their technological literacy and readiness for online learning; and by providing enhanced academic advising and enhanced assessment of student learning through the development of electronic portfolios. FIPSE-CTDLC Project: Supporting Online Learners

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