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Policy and Structure for the long run

Capital Community College is committed to ongoing assessment of student learning outcomes. With that in mind, a committee of faculty and staff members met for five years to explore the opportunities and pitfalls of assessment ventures and to recommend a framework for governing assessment in a way that fits our ongoing management and governance structures. The group drafted two documents: The group drafted two documents:

A. Policy Statement on Student Learning Assessment

B. Design for Student Learning Assessment

The Policy Statement advocates guidelines for staying on track and avoiding excesses of data for which there is no clear use. The second page lists seven basic principles for assuring that assessment efforts remain connected to the questions that matter most to us.

The Design presents a structure for incorporating the activities of student learning assessment within the existing college decision-making system. Its second page identifies where responsibility will be located for each of three types of activity.

Click here for a pdf version of these two documents


Comments on and illustrations of the following topics are available through these links:
  • Engaging Faculty by finding a common language between assessment planners and teachers.
  • Templates for course objectives and program goals.
  • Assessment Policy for incorporating assessment into college structures.
  • Five Year Plan for the development of a replicable pattern and sustainable pace
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