Alumni Association History

No one knows for sure at this time, but we believe the Alumni Association got started at least 15 years ago in 1993 with some key players such as Doris Arrington, Susan Rand Brown, Jai Smith and Pat Lindsey. (If you have more information on this please contact us at

In 2000 – 2003 the association functioned under the leadership of Mr. Clement Williams, President; Muriel Sleezer, First Vice President; Leonel Carmona, Second Vice President; and Steve Koseian, Treasurer and Noreen Daniels, Corresponding Secretary. Unfortunately due to lack of participation, a motion was made and seconded to dissolve the Capital Community College Alumni Association effective July 1, 2003 (which is the beginning of the alumni association fiscal year).

In the Summer of 2007, a group of Alums who felt strongly enough about getting the Alumni Association back up and running, got together and drafted the Constitution and By-Laws and effective September 2007, at the first meeting, the Alumni Association was back in operation with 5 officers (Executive Committee) Sophia Gray, President; John Durkin, Vice President; Shelley McEwan, Secretary, Kathleen Doyle, Treasurer and Stephanie Harris, Public Relations Officer. John McNamara currently serves as the College Liaison.

As stated in our Mission Statement, the goal of the Alumni Association is to “support and promote the college’s mission and goals.”