Public Transportation Bus Riders: Save Money With A U-Pass

2021 UPass Card

Riding buses and trains in Connecticut is now FREE for most students at participating U-Pass CT schools! The cost of the program is already included in your student fees. So, how do you get one?

1. You must be registered for the upcoming semester at Capital Community College.

2. Financial Aid, Payment Plan or Full payment of tuition and fees MUST be made before you can have a bus pass.

3. You MUST have a current Capital student id.

Participating Transit Systems Include:

  • CTtransit statewide (including CTtransit Express and CTfastrak)
  • Greater Bridgeport Transit
  • Norwalk Transit
  • Housatonic Area Regional Transit
  • Milford Transit
  • South East Area Transit
  • Windham Region Transit District
  • Magic Carpet
  • Northwestern CT Transit District
  • 9 Town Transit
  • Middletown Area Transit
  • The program also includes train travel on Shore Line East and the New Haven Line operated by Metro-North for service up to the state line – not valid for travel to NY or on Amtrak.

CTtransit Express

  • Hartford
  • New Haven
  • Waterbury
  • Stamford
  • New Britain
  • Bristol
  • Meriden
  • Wallingford
  • FAQs


  • New Haven Line (Intrastate travel only. Not valid for travel to NYC)
  • Shore Line East


    1. How long is the pass effective?

The fall 2018 semester U-Pass covers August 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.


  1. How does the U-Pass work?

    When boarding the bus, show the driver your Student ID Card and insert the pass, with the arrow on the front pointing forward, into the pass reading machine on the farebox. The farebox will “beep” to indicate your pass has been accepted. You’re ready to ride. A block before your stop, pull the signal cord to notify the driver you want to exit the bus.

  2. Where will it take me?

    Ride the bus to class, to the mall or out of town. Getting around Metro Hartford has never been easier. CTTRANSIT operates everyday; morning, noon, or night. Rain or shine to get you where you need to go.

    To report a lost or stolen pass, or for questions regarding administration of the U-PASS program, contact the Bursar’s Office at (860) 906-5061.