Goal and Purpose

The goal of the Capital Community College Black and Latino Male Teacher Preparation Program (BLMTPP) is to increase the number of Black and Latino males considering careers as teachers and provide them with the following supports:

  1. Pairing with a Black or Latino male volunteer success coach that has had a successful career in teaching (3+ years experience). This individual will provide coaching for the duration of the program;
  2. Enrollment in a mandatory career in education themed College Success course (IDS105) to be taken the first semester. Participants will be introduced participants to the field build cohort and belonging with other participants;
  3. Transfer advising tailored to their preferred school of education that ensures they do not amass unnecessary credits and are able to enroll with junior status upon graduation;
  4. Financial assistance to cover tuition, fees, and text book costs;
  5. A cohort support group of motivated peers committed to encouraging one another to excel in academic pursuits and interested in being role models for classmates and younger Black and Latino males in K-12.
  6. Tutoring support for standardized tests required in teacher preparation programs (PRAXIS)

The BLMTPP Advisory Board will be charged with identifying metrics that will be used to determine the success of the program.

This program is a high priority 2020-21 college initiative and oversight will fall under the Office of the CEO. The college CEO, Dr. G. Duncan Harris has committed to serving as director of the program during the inaugural year.

Become a Capital BLMTPP Scholar

New Student Orientation[/x_button]We are in the midst of a historic movement in our country as evidenced by the mass demonstrations and community upheaval of recent months. There is a renewed sense of commitment on the part of many to improve our communities and to eradicate racism, eliminate inequity and to ensure social justice prevails. One way for individuals to make a difference in each of these areas is to pursue a career in education as a teacher or school counselor. An analysis of the demographic make-up the current Connecticut teacher population, reveals a glaring lack of Black and Latino males. Some education experts suggest that certain challenges linked to academic under performance males of color teaching of males of color, and the lack of full engagement in K-12 spaces, can be attributed to the infrequency with which they encounter individuals that look like them, males of color, in the role of teacher.

Teaching is a noble profession and career that provides financial stability, professional mobility, long term benefits, and a way to have a profound impact on one’s community. Some would suggest that the lack of Black and Latino male teachers because the career is not promoted as a viable option to males that have the academic ability and the birth of viable role models in the field.

The BLMTPP is a specialized cohort within CCC’s Brother 2 Brother Mentoring Program designed to provide males of color with the opportunity to explore a career in teaching and to have the guidance and on going support needed to successfully complete teacher degree and licensure requirements and ultimately have successful careers as teachers. BLMTPP Scholars will be linked with a “village of support” comprised of motivated peers and older coaches that have experienced professional, and life, success committed to sharing this knowledge and wisdom. These coaches are committed to seeing participants have what they have, a rewarding and fulfilling career as an educator.

The BLMTPP will recruit and accept 20 participants enrolling at Capital Community College for the fall 2020 semester.

If you are a student interested in having this type of support and are committed to the uplift of your community through a career in education, complete the interest form below.

BLMTPP Success Coaches

Each student will be matched with a volunteer success coach to support their pathway to the teaching profession. Research suggests that the existence of a strong support person, that consistently encourages a college student to “remain on track and focus”, is one of the most significant determinants of college retention and completion. Research also suggests that concordant mentoring relationships, individuals of the same racial or ethnic background with similar lived authentic experiences, accelerate the trust building component necessary in meaningful and productive mentor/coach relationships.

If you are a successful Black or Latino male teacher (3+ years of experience), that recognizes the need and the potential impact of having more teachers like you in our CT K-12 school system, that is willing to share the “success formula” with oncoming Black and Latino male teachers, please complete the interest form below. We will send involvement details and requirements upon completion of the form. Please feel free to share with others that you believe would be effective and committed coaches. We are seeking 15-20 mentors for our inaugural year.


BLMTPP Advisory Board

The BLMTPP advisory board will help shape performance metrics of the program, advocate on behalf of the goal and purpose of the program, and provide and share data and models that will strengthen the BLMTPP program. It is anticipated that this group will meet four times a year and as needed. Advisory board will be comprised of school administrators, college and university school of education faculty, teacher professional development and advocacy organization members, and minority teachers advocates will be formed. If interested in participating in this group, please complete the interest form below:

Transfer Partners

Capital Community College will work with interested colleges and universities that accept students completing the BLMTPP with junior status to their schools of education. The transfer process can be a “mystery” and daunting, even more so for students attempting to transfer as education majors. BLMTPP Scholars will have access to engineered guided pathways that ensure effective transfer into the receiving school of education. Advisor to advisor relationships will be established and progress will be monitored to ensure students remain on track and completing necessary course requirements at the appropriate times and credit intervals. Opportunities will be constructed to take courses during the fourth semester (credits 45-60) at the receiving institution through the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education Exchange Program.

The following is a list of links to area college and university Schools of Education partners that have a demonstrated track record of successfully admitting and graduating Capital Community College transfer students with degrees and certification in K-12 education:

Donate to BLMTPP

The Capital Community College Foundation has established a BLMTPP fund to provide merit and emergency scholarships for participants in the program. In addition to grant funding that will be sought, donor contributions will be used to fund educational programs for BLMTPP Scholars including transfer exploration visits to partner colleges and universities and the Success Coach Lunch and Learn Lecture Series.


For more information please contact:

Dr. G. Duncan Harris, CEO
Capital Community College, Director, CCCBLMTPP
[email protected]

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