Studio Production & Technology

Music touches all of our lives and the need to create and promote music is more in demand than ever. This course will introduce students to the techniques used in commercial recording studios and enable them not only to get quality recordings on their own home systems, but also obtain the skills necessary to work in established recording studios locally and beyond. The students will learn from an experienced instructor in the industry and will focus on studio technology and software, but will also touch on live sound techniques and music distribution. Students will record, produce and mix their own projects and/or outside projects as they become available.

Modules will include:
• History of Recording Techniques
• Input and Output Signal Flow & Gain Staging
• Basic Acoustic Principles
• Recording with a DAW (Pro Tools, Reason)
• Sampling and sample editing (Ableton, Reason)
• Microphones (and how to choose one)
• Planning a demo session
• Tracking and Overdubbing Audio
• Adding effects (Time-Based/Dynamic)
• Mixing Your Demo and Objective Criticism in Mixing
• Final Tracking and Polish
• Final Mix (and Master)
• Digital Distribution and Uploading (and understanding digital revenue streams and copyright)

• 16 years of age
• High School Diploma or GED
• Basic Computer skills
• Knowledge of music is a plus, but not required

Course Code: COMM 5032

This course is offered on location at:
Artists Collective, Inc.
1200 Albany Avenue, Hartford
Free parking in the adjacent lot.

Jaeme Brennan McDonald is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer, and mix engineer. He received his Bachelor’s degree in music production from Berklee College of Music, and is a teaching artist at the CREC Academy of the Arts. Mr. McDonald has toured internationally with blues dub project Little Axe, and mixed for a variety of local and national acts such as The Bandshes, TangSauce, Jeff Pitchell, The Unforgettable Fire, Living Colour, FreekBass and Unlocking The Truth. He has also provided tour support as a back line instrument technician for Janelle Monae, Eddie Money, and BB King, and served as production manager for bassist Doug Wimbish’s WIMBASH Festival series. Mr. McDonald’s company, Mixed by Soundchild, has provided training and recording services for all levels of musicians, from beginner to professional. He writes and performs music under the stage name JME Strchild, and is also the founder and musical director of Purple Luscious Love, a tribute to the music of Prince.