Mahmoud Alramahi

From ESL student to university student

As an immigrant from Jordan, Mahmoud Alramahi’s first priority when he came to the U.S. was  improving his English.  He set about looking for a program in English as a second language (ESL), and found Capital.

“I looked and asked about the schools around the state, and I heard a lot of good things about Capital. It offers a lot of diverse programs and most importantly for me, it has a great ESL program. “

Now in his final semester at Capital, he reflects positively on his time here: “I have had a lot of great experiences at Capital.”  One that stands out in his mind was an oral communication course in which he was able to work on his pronunciation, conversation, and presentation skills.  In that class he met other students of diverse backgrounds from all over the world.  The course not only helped him improve his communication skills, it gave him the confidence to speak to an audience without being self-conscious.

Although this was helpful, Mahmoud has benefitted from all his courses at Capital.

“Every class I have taken has given me the opportunity to interact with great professors who have real life experiences in the field that they teach about and are willing to teach us what they have learned over the course of their life.”

In many courses he was able to interact with others in the local business community here in Hartford.

“I met my first manager at the college. She gave me the opportunity to gain real world work experience.   In most of my classes there were people who work mostly in the big companies located around downtown Hartford and this gave me the perfect opportunity to network.”

In addition to the academic value of attending Capital, Mahmoud also sees the advantages of its “amazing” location, “in the heart of Hartford, close to museums and places I may have never been aware of had it not been for me going to school there.”

Mahmoud, a Management major, says his next goal is to earn a bachelor’s degree at Central Connecticut State University, where he plans to major in Accounting.  He feels well prepared to enter CCSU.

“Beginning my higher education at Capital has given me a network and a foundation that I hope to build on at my new school. “