Yahaira Gonzalez

Emergency Medical Technician

Yahaira Gonzalez was struggling financially and seeking an affordable EMT program. “I was Yahira Gonzalezalways interested in the medical field growing up so I knew I wanted to have a career related to that,” she said. The cost of Hartford Hospital’s program was prohibitive and research quickly led Yahaira to Capital Community College’s reasonably priced program.

In the beginning Yahaira was worried about the difficulty of the class, and whether she was capable of passing. As a visual learner, Yahaira says she learns by seeing and doing, so the fact that students got to do a lot of hands on work as well, helped her understand new material a lot faster.

“The instructor was clear and direct with his teaching and made sure that everyone was on board before continuing to the next topic,” she said. “Along with a lot of studying and meeting once a week for group study, it made it easy to pass the class and get state certified.”

Currently, Yahaira is working for the Wethersfield Volunteer Ambulance (WVAA) as an EMT to gain experience before moving on to a commercial company. Her goal is to eventually become a Paramedic, and after a few years as an EMT, she intends to return to school to get her Medic license.

What guidance would Yahaira give other students? “Nothing comes easy in life; you must work hard to reach your goals, as impossible it may seem,” she advises.  “The key is to not give up. You have to believe that you will make it!”

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