Welcome to the Counseling Office

CounselingCounseling services are designed to be an integral part of students’ total educational program. Upon acceptance, students meet with counselors, at which time they discuss academic and career goals and plan their first semester’s course work.

The counselor’s first concern is for the student, not only in the academic area, but also in matters of personal and social adjustment, within and outside the academic environment.

Counselors have the professional expertise and experience to help students grow in self-understanding, and to gain insight into the nature of everyday problems and begin solving them more effectively.

The Counseling Center also offers special workshops in study skills, time management, handling test anxieties, and a variety of life skills.

The Counseling staff provides guidance and advocacy for students who have learning disabilities and other special needs. For additional information, contact the Counseling Center at (860) 906-5040, Room 208 on the second floor.

Resources for Students

The Counseling office now requires students to make appointments via Capital Links to Academic Success (CLASS).

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Mondays 9am – 5pm (Walk-In Only)
Tuesdays 9am – 5pm (Walk-In Only)
Wednesday 9am – 5pm (Appointments Only)**
Thursday 9am – 5pm (Appointments Only)**
Friday 9am – 3pm (Walk-In Only)

**Students who wish to meet with a college counselor should sign in at the Counseling Office no later than one (1) hour before closing to ensure that there will be sufficient advising time.

Refer to the current course schedule book for extended hours at the beginning of the fall & spring semesters.