Waiver & Refund Appeal Policy

In the event a student experiences extraordinary circumstances that necessitates their withdrawing from a course beyond the allowable drop period, a refund & waiver appeal must be submitted within 10 calendar days from the date of withdrawal. For those students who do not withdraw and receive a grade, request must be submitted within 10 days from the end of that semester.  Appeals will be considered for the following extraordinary circumstances:

  • severe illness or medical emergency (a doctor’s note is required)
  • military transfer (a copy of the transfer orders is required)
  • administrative error (documentation required to support request).
  • change of employment situation (documentation from employer required)
  • childcare issues (documentation from childcare provider required)
  • death in immediate family (documentation copy of death certificate)

The circumstances that will not be considered include:

  • misunderstanding of start date or dates of class and/or lack of knowledge of policies and deadlines
  • misunderstanding of registration process
  • inability to transfer course
  • normal illness
  • transportation issues
  • poor decision or change of mind by student regarding course selection
  • dissatisfaction with course content or instructor
  • conditions of chronic illness or other medical/health conditions that remain unchanged and were known to the student at the time of registration

To request an exception to the Refund Policy:

  • Read the Refund & Waiver Appeal Policy and determine if you meet the guidelines.
  • If you meet the guidelines, be sure to withdraw from course(s) prior to submitting an appeal.
  • If you are receiving financial aid, consult with the Financial Aid office before withdrawing from class.
  • Complete the Refund & Waiver Appeal form; provide all information requested and attach supporting documentation. Forms without documentation will not be considered.
  • Sign, date and submit the form in person within 10 calendar days from withdrawal to the Associate Dean of Student’s Office or mail to Refund & Waiver Appeals Committee, Associate Dean of Student’s Office, Capital Community College, 950 Main Street Hartford, CT 06103.  No telephone requests for refunds will be taken.

The Refund & Waiver Appeals Committee will respond to the student within 10 calendar days of the appeal request.  A written response will notify the student of the outcome. All decisions of the Refund & Waiver Appeals Committee are final.