Viktoriia Basanets

When Viktoriia Basanets first moved here from Ukraine she faced many challenges.

Viktoriia Basanets

“I felt so upset and disappointed when I tried to explain my thoughts to people,” she recalled.

One of her friends advised Viktoriia and her daughter to check out Capital Community College, where they were very good with ESL students, and after almost losing faith that she would ever learn English, Viktoriia met some “kind teachers and tutors who really cared” and helped her deal with her issues.

Not only do CCC teachers help students learn how to think and speak English fluently, Viktoriia says, but “they also help students adapt to the new life in the United States.”

There are many wonderful experiences Viktoriia has had at Capital, but one of her favorites is attending Hartford Stage Theatre.

“I appreciate the chance to see amazing plays for just $5 as a student of CCC,” she said, and the “extra bonus” of being able to talk with the actors after the performances as part of Capital’s Hartford Heritage Program’s “One Play.”

Over time Viktoriia began to believe herself more, and a pivotal moment was giving a speech in front of a packed audience at the college’s 25th anniversary of the ESL program.

“Two years ago I could not express my thoughts in English at all,” Viktoriia marveled, “and now I could keep my listeners interested, and they applauded me enthusiastically. I was proud of myself.”

Viktoriia wants to tell all ESL students not to be afraid and to just follow their dreams – “You will see how the opportunities will appear in front of you.”

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