A student can withdraw from a class until the end of the twelfth week of class. Beyond the twelfth week, students who need to withdraw for extenuating circumstances must apply with the Dean of Students.  

Students who would like to withdraw from one or more courses will need to complete the Course Withdrawal Form. This form is available at the Registrar’s Office on the 2nd floor of the college and can also be filled out online at the Registrar’s web-page. Approval from a counselor, faculty advisor, or a professor is required before the Registrar’s Office will process the request. Students who receive financial aid must also get approval from the Financial Aid Office. The requirement of obtaining approval from a counselor, faculty advisor, or a professor and the Financial Aid Office (if applicable) is to ensure that you as the student have all the information needed to make the proper decision for your situation.  

The student who does not initiate a withdrawal could be, depending on an instructor’s judgment, assigned a performance grade (A-F) based on work completed. A student may not obtain a transcript notation of “W” in a course if there exists substantial reason to believe the student has engaged in academic misconduct in the course. A transcript notation of “W” will only be permitted for such student when the final resolution results in finding the student did not commit academic misconduct in the course.   

Please note: Deciding not to attend class(es) does not constitute an official withdrawal from the College, and may result in a failing grade and/or financial obligation to the College. 

Medical Withdrawals & Refunds 

Students seeking medical withdrawals and/or refunds for medical reasons must submit documentation along with their withdrawal form to the Office of the Dean of Student Services. These requests must be received during the semester for which the request is being made and decisions are at the discretion of the Dean of Students.