ACCUPLACER Placement Test Updated Page as of 3-4-2017

What is the ACCUPLACER Placement Test?
  • ➢ computer-adaptive (the test adjusts to how you respond to previous questions)
  • ➢  multiple-choice format, except for the WritePlacer (written essay)
  • ➢  untimed (test completion: 1-3 hours on average)
  • ➢  ENGLISH and MATH
Why does Capital use the ACCUPLACER Placement Test?

Capital uses the ACCUPLACER® Placement Test to provide students with useful information about their academic skills in Math, Reading, and Writing. The results of this test, in conjunction with their academic background, goals, and interests, are used by academic advisors and counselors to determine a student’s Math and English course selection. You cannot “pass” or “fail” the placement test, but it is very important you prepare and do your best.

How can a student be exempt from the ACCUPLACER Placement Test?

Exemption will be granted to students if they have met one of the following requirements.

  • ➢  Took the SATs or ACTs within the last 3 years and have met Capital’s score
  •        requirements below:
    • OLD SATs (prior to March 2016): Reading/Writing 450+, MATH-550+
    • NEW SATs (March 2016 & future): Critical Reading 25+, MATH-570+
    • ACTs: ENGLISH 22 OR ENGLISH Combined 47, MATH-18 – 21
  • ➢  Attained a “C” or better in previous college credit-level English and/or Math
  •       courses.
  • ➢  Matriculating student with an Associate’s degree or higher.
  • ➢  Took an ACCUPLACER Placement test at a previous institution within the last 3 years.

Students must submit appropriate documentation (college transcripts, SAT/ACT or Accuplacer score reports) to the Placement Testing Center to ensure they have met requirements for test exemption.

How can a student prepare for the test?

Review Test Center Policies

Review Testing Tips

Frequently Asked Questions
Students will need to make a test appointment by clicking the blue “Make An Appointment” button. Testing schedules vary by semester.
No, once you have completed Capital’s enrollment process you will be given a Banner Student ID number which will allow you to take the test.
Students are required to bring a valid picture ID (driver’s license/permit, passport, permanent resident card, state ID, Capital Community College ID), writing utensil and their 8-digit BANNER Student ID Number. High school students are allowed to test with their school ID.
Free parking is located in the Morgan Street Parking Garage. You will need to pull a parking ticket and have your ticket validated at the Welcome Desk on the first floor of the College.

Directions to the parking garage

Students receive their scores immediately after testing.
ABSOLUTELY! Students are highly encouraged to schedule their tests on separate days to decrease testing exhaustion and anxiety.

If you have a documented disability and require academic adjustments, please contact Helena Carrasquillo (Disabilities Coordinator) at (860) 906-5204 or

To obtain adjustments, you must schedule an appointment with Helena and provide documentation which describes your disability and supports your need to receive adjustments. This should be done 2 weeks prior to your test appointment. Academic adjustments for testing will only be provided to students who have completed this process.

 You cannot “pass” or “fail” the Placement Test. Students who do not place into English or Math courses will be required to complete an intensive tutoring program through the Center for Academic Transitions. Once they have completed tutoring, students will be granted the opportunity to retake the test.

If English is not your first language, and you have not received 3 or more years of English instruction from a high school in the U.S, you are required to take the English-As-A Second Language (ESL) test. Please refer to the ESL page for more information.
Once you have completed the test, someone will sit with you to review your test scores, course placements and next steps in the process. Students who have placed into courses will need to register for a New Student Registration session.




Roxanne Plummer
Coordinator/Placement Testing Specialist
Room 220, Second Floor
(860) 906-5089