Monique Londono

Community Health Worker

Monique Londono, a mother of three, saw great needs that weren’t been met in her community: access to healthcare, medical attention, and extensive language barriers immigrants faced in fulfilling those needs.

She wanted to find solutions to these issues and learn how she could make a difference in her community, and she found her answer when she chose Capital’s Community Health Worker Program.

The program provided Monique with the tools to achieve these goals, and she liked the respect that the professors had for her as a student, and the understanding that came from her interactions with them.

Thanks to the Community Health Worker program, Monique had the opportunity to participate in a two week internship program that led to direct employment in the field, with a job offer immediately after completing her internship.

She says her new work life is busy yet exciting, and she loves how everyone is treated equally at the office, regardless of their position.

Her advice for students looking to get into this field? Make sure you are non-judgmental, patient, communicate well, and are a team player. And if you want to succeed? Take the course seriously!

Community Health Worker Program Info