Jeffery St. Jean

Sustainable Food Service

 Jeffery St. Jean was holding a 20 hour per week job, going to school, and helping to care for his parents, when he arrived at the realization that to get a more lucrative position that was permanent with benefits he needed more education.

Jeffery, who had worked in the food industry for many years, chose Capital Community College’s Sustainable Food program. Through the program, he was able to advance his culinary skills and earn the ServSafe certification, an important credential in this industry.

“From day one you will be surrounded by positive people with great connections in this field,” he said. “The class motivated me to upgrade my employment situation and I am much happier now.”

Upon completing the course and his internship, Jeffery took the skills he acquired from the program to impress potential employers, such as networking, interview preparation, making himself available to prepare meals for the head chef, and presenting a high level of professionalism. Jeffery is now employed full-time with benefits.

“All of the concepts from class will not only help you get a job, but will help you do well in that job,” Jeffery shared. His advice to anyone in a similar situation is to say yes to every available opportunity the class gives you. “I would recommend it as an affordable entry into a new career, or a way to increase your marketability,” he said.

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