Giuliana M. Alama Villarrubia

Capital Student Artist Presents Works at Her First ShowGiuliana M. Alama Villarrubia

Giuliana M. Alama Villarrubia, a student at Capital Community College, describes herself as a “soulful artist.” While studying English as a Second Language (ESL) at Capital and completing a real estate course at Manchester Community College this past fall, Villarrubia also shared a collection of her expressive works in a public art show for the first time.

Villarrubia, who is originally from Peru, displayed vibrant mixed media pieces, colorful drawings and detailed sketches at “New Land New Art:  Works by Immigrant Artists,” a show hosted by the Middletown Commission on the Arts. Capital Community College art professor Stanwyck Cromwell helped Villarrubia learn how to frame her work in preparation for the show. The display ran from November through December at Russell Library in Middletown, CT.

Despite the difficulties of transitioning to a new country and culture, Villarrubia says her roots and love for Peru are still intact, and she shows this in her work. Villarrubia works in pencil, paint and even folded scraps of paper, labels and newsprint to illustrate her unique perspectives on culture, society and nature. “This practice allows me to develop my creative spirit and express my emotions through art,” she said, explaining the fusion of culture, materials and methods in her work.

Villarrubia recently completed the English as a Second Language (ESL) program at Capital. She is interested in a real estate career but also plans to continue pursuing her passion for art and design. She will resume taking classes toward an Associate’s degree at Capital this spring. She said she also looks forward to participating in future art shows in the area.

Each semester, more than 200 students from countries around the world attend ESL classes at Capital to improve their proficiency in English speaking, listening, reading and writing. The program prepares non-native English speakers to enroll in degree and certificate programs at the college.

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