Disabilities Guide for Faculty

Once a student is registered with Support Services for Academic Success, they are encouraged to request academic accommodations within the first two weeks of each semester. The disabilities coordinator will then generate a confidential academic accommodation request letter to each faculty member indicating the student’s reasonable accommodations. This means that the student has registered with the disabilities coordinator, has a documented disability, and the disabilities coordinator has determined what accommodations are appropriate. Ultimately, it is the student’s decision to disclose disability information and use their accommodations.

While ultimately instructors are responsible for providing accommodations, the disabilities coordinator can offer information and support. Accommodations should not be altered by an instructor.

Should there be questions regarding providing accommodations or services, instructors should contact the disabilities coordinator. Faculty are encouraged to discuss these accommodations with students and the disabilities coordinator should any concerns arise.

Helpful Hints
  • Include the ADA statement in your syllabus with contact information for the Student Support Office
  • Announce or read the ADA statement at the beginning of the semester
  • Plan test and quiz dates in advance and mark them clearly on the syllabus for students to plan ahead
  • Encourage students who give you letters to meet with you privately to discuss their needs (Some students may not feel comfortable talking about their disability or accommodations)
  • Respect a student’s confidentiality
  • A student who discloses a disability should be referred immediately to the disabilities coordinator for information and services – DO NOT provide accommodations without an accommodations letter from a student.

Students with disabilities are required to submit medical documentation to the disabilities coordinator, which verifies their disability and need for appropriate accommodations. The disabilities coordinator will maintain confidentiality and will not disclose any information pertaining to a student’s disability to faculty unless we have written permission from the student. The disabilities coordinator will inform faculty of the accommodation(s) it has determined the student needs to access an equal opportunity education so as to arrange reasonable accommodations.

Confidentiality of all disability information is essential. At no time should the class be informed that a student has a disability, except at the student’s expressed request. All disability information, which the student gives to the faculty member, is to be used specifically for arranging reasonable accommodations for the course of study.

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