Ayanna Wright

“Capital Gave Me A Solid Foundation”

Production Technician

Ayanna Wright is a veteran and working mom who had only dabbled in photography when she decided to enter Capital’s Communication Media program. She wasn’t familiar with much else in the field. That changed quickly as she tried everything and learned all about TV production and creating a story.

“My favorite experience at Capital was directing my own TV show in Professor Thomassen’s TV Production class,” she said. “That class solidified that I had made the right choice!”

Ayanna freelanced a bit after graduation, assisting on commercials for boutiques and music videos by local artists. She was able to answer key questions and setup camera shots during a job interview at Fox 61 where she now works as a Production Technician. “The majority of what I do – I learned at Capital,” Ayanna stated. “I run cameras, manage the floor, run the prompter and work in audio.”

Ayanna is also continuing her education as a film major at Quinnipiac University and is able to use what she learned about TV and apply it to film. Although the two areas are very different, she says the fundamentals are the same: visual appeal and creating a story – tools she learned at Capital and that she uses on a daily basis.

Looking forward, her main focus is to gain more experience. She knows to rise in the ranks in her profession she will have to know everyone’s job. Eventually, Ayanna says she would love to direct and produce live news. When you watch the live lottery drawings – she is the one directing. Her ultimate goal is to move into write and produce her own television show.

To anyone who isn’t sure what they want to do in this field Ayanna Wright’s message is “Try everything and don’t let fear stop you from what you want. The reward is so worth it in the end!”

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