Reaching Individual Success and Excellence (RISE) is designed to provide additional support for students who are on academic probation at Capital Community College (CCC). The Academic Advising Department and the Academic Success Center (ASC) assist students in developing and maintain their academic goals at CCC.

Program vision:

The purpose of the RISE program is to identify students that are on academic probation and provide an intrusive and holistic approach in advising them. To assists students with their academic progress throughout the semester and to improve their academic standing.

Students on probation will fall into three categories (Emerging, Developing, and Proficient).

The goal is to advance students by increasing their GPA.


  • All students are required to attend 3 RISE Workshops or Information session.
  • All students are required to meet with their Advisor.
  • All students are required to participate in planned RISE program activities.
  • Commit to improving your academic performance.
  • Get off Academic Probation or Suspension!
  • Priority registration for Fall
  • Academic and Career Guidance Focus 2 Assessments
  • Build a winner’s support circle.
  • A chance to win a new Laptop at the end of Spring 2020 semester
  • Weekly check-in with advisor.


  • The Academic Advising Department provides a multi-faceted approach that ensures that all RISE students receive effective and efficient academic advising, providing empowerment hours with enrichment workshops and activities for students.
  • The Academic Success Center provides a wide range of services to help students become active, independent learners. Services include (workshops, tutoring services, individual tutoring).