Abi Rodriguez


As the owner of a small company managing artists and events,Abi Rodriguez Abi Rodriguez wanted to get an education to supplement his business experience. Soon, he found himself immersed in student life, enjoying spending time with other students engaged in planning events, participating in clubs, and working on committees. In 2016 he was elected President of the Student Senate.

To Abi, Capital feels like home, and the strong sense of purpose students, staff, and professors share creates a real feeling of community.

“The students want to succeed and the faculty truly wants to help us do so,” he says, noting the most fulfilling part about learning at Capital is the access to faculty.

“I’ve never felt lost or alone because everyone is approachable,” he remarked, “and if something goes wrong they are willing to help me readily find a solution.”

A published poet, one of Abi’s standout moments at Capital was hosting a book signing to celebrate the release of his second book of poetry.

“To have friends, family, and faculty members show their support and admiration is so far my best moment as a writer,” he proudly recalled.

As a student leader, Abi looks forward to continuing his work on student-led events, branching into new territory by adding more sports clubs, possibly allowing Capital to host competitive events in the future.

Abi, like many students attending community college, juggles academics with multiple responsibilities, leaving little room for down time.

“The biggest task for me at Capital (and in life) is finding enough time to balance everything,” he asserted. “I currently take four classes and have three jobs in addition to Student Senate work and my writing. I go weeks without a day off!”

Still, Abi thrives on his purposeful life, and has no regrets.

“Enrolling at Capital is honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” he says.

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