Spring 2020 Theatre Courses

Be Creative for Credit!

THR 110 Acting I – Learn the Basic Skills of Theatre Performance

Tuesday/Thursday | 11:40a -1pm | CRN 1530

THR 210 Acting II – Enhance your skills and produce a play at the end of the semester!

Tuesday/Thursday | 10-11:26am |CRN 1334

THR 230 Playwriting – From page to stage, learn how to write a play.

Monday/Wednesday |11:40am -1pm |CRN 1529

THR 112 Voice & Diction – Learn to project your voice and speak with confidence.

Monday/Wednesday 10–11:26am |Taught by HartBeat Ensemble’s Debra Walsh | CRN 1297

THR 120 Stagecraft –Explore set, lighting, sound, props and costume design.

Tuesdays 5:35 – 8pm | Taught by Theaterworks’ Bridget Sullivan | CRN 1298

THR 115 Improvisation – Learn the basic techniques and games of improvisational theatre.

Thursdays 5:35 – 8pm | CRN 1350

THR 127 Studies in Contemporary Theater Production – See shows at Hartford Area Theatres.

Friday nights | Taught by Sea Tea Improv’s Julia Pistell | CRN 1610

All Theatre Courses satisfy the Aesthetic Dimensions general education requirement as well as Humanities and Fine Arts electives.

For more information, see your counselor, adviser, or contact Prof. Julia Rosenblatt: JRosenblatt@capitalcc.edu or 860-906-5206