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Vision for Sustainable Student Learning Assessment at Capital Community College

1) Key program goals supported by course objectives

Each program at the college will maintain a short list of key goals. Each goal will be followed by clearly defined activities though which program graduates will demonstrate achievement of the goal. Courses whose objectives support specific program goals will be presented as the college's primary means of guiding students toward those program expectations.

2) Assessment of one goal per year

for each degree or certificate program

On an annual basis, each program will select at least one goal to investigate, developing assessment measures that will provide information about how well students are meeting that goal. The program will use the results to decide how to maintain or improve student progress toward the goal, and will undertake, document, and follow up on any necessary changes. Over several years, each program will cycle through an assessment of all its goals. In later cycles, the program can compare the results of new assessments against those from the earlier cycles to determine the success of any implemented changes.

for General and Developmental Education
On an annual basis, a cross-departmental team of faculty will select one General Education goal to investigate, developing an assessment measure that will provide information about how well students throughout the college are meeting that goal. The measure will be adjusted for implementation with a related Developmental Education goal where possible. Results will be reported to departments for discussion of curricular and policy changes to maintain or improve student progress toward that goal. Over several years, the college will cycle through all its General Education and Developmental Education goals and can compare results from later cycles with earlier ones. These comparisons will inform further decisions about policy, pedagogy, and curriculum.

3) Institutional effectiveness efforts deepened by

a culture of inquiry supported by institutional structures
The faculty and staff involved in assessment will generate a culture of inquiry that sustains itself with curiosity, dialogue, and information about what, when, and how students learn. The college will establish policies, structures, and resources that will assure continuity and ongoing support for assessment activity as described above.

enhanced information for use in program planning and improvement
The results of student learning assessment studies will be used to improve pedagogy, curriculum, and the student learning environment throughout the college. Student learning assessment will be integrated into the strategic planning process by which the college directs resources and activities toward the fulfillment of the college mission.


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