Fall 2017 Late Start Classes

Late Start Classes

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Classes start on September 11

Course Days/Times CRN Start Date
BMG*202 Principles of Management Mondays; 5:30-8:12pm 3208 9/11
CSA*105 Intro to Software Applications Mondays; 5:30-8:12pm 3290 9/11
ECE*101 Intro to ECE Mondays; 5:30-8:12pm 3247 9/11
SOC*235 Intro to Social Welfare Mondays; 5:30-8:12pm 3136 9/11

Please note: The above classes run on the traditional Academic Calendar. No full refunds if a class is dropped after 8/28. Late Start classes begin on September 12.

Late Start classes begin on September 12

Course Days/Times CRN Start Date
ENG*102 Literature & Composition Tuesdays; 2:00pm-5:08pm 3551 9/12
IDS*105 College Success Saturdays; 9:00am-12:08pm 3127 9/16
POL*111 American Government Mondays/Wednesdays; 5:30-7:00pm 3102 9/13
SPA*107 Heritage Spanish I Tuesdays/Thursdays; 11:40am-1:14pm 3334 9/12

Please Note: Students will receive a full tuition refund (not including fees) if a Late Start class is dropped on or before September 11, 2017.  On and after September 12, 2017, Late Start classes follow the traditional academic calendar.