Retirement Information

State Statutes require that each State of Connecticut employee be covered by a retirement system except as otherwise provided on the DESIGNATION OF RETIREMENT SYSTEM-TIER-PLAN-BENEFICIARY For Higher Education Employment Only this is a mandatory requirement.

Retirement Forms

Below are links to view the summary plan descriptions provided by the State of Connecticut

State Employee Retirement System (SERS)

 Retirement Counseling Workshops & Benefits Estimator


Retirement Counseling Services (860) 702-3480
Retirement Data Base (860) 702-3515
Retirement Health Insurance (860) 702-3533
Retirement Payroll Unit (860) 702-3528
Teachers’ Retirement Board 1 800-504-1102 or
(860) 241-8402



If you are planning on retiring please submit a letter to Human Resources at least 3 months in advance. Retirement date must always be the first day of the month. All interaction with the retiring employee remains confidential until the employee has signed all the necessary paperwork to initiate his/her retirement. Once the employee has officially made his/her decision to retire we encourage the employee to send a retirement notification letter to the Chief Executive Officer, employee’s dean, director or department head.