Professional Development

Capital Community College is committed to offering training opportunities that are relevant and that will serve to enhance the productivity and efficiency of our work place, while also providing each employee with opportunities to grow and thrive through expanded knowledge.

These training opportunities will range from group training sessions at Staff meetings to Department-specific training sessions to more individualized sessions for employees and supervisors.

Department of Administrative Services also offers a variety of programs in which state employees are able to request participation. Note that eligible employees must seek approval of their department manager to attend. Human Resources will process and input all training requests for DAS approval. In addition, professional develop funds are available to all unclassified employees. Professional Development Funds are designated for activities that enhance professional growth. All full-time faculty and ACL employees can apply for professional development by selecting the professional development activity based on personal interests and applicability of the training to the goals of the College. Funds may be used to:

  • Attend professional conferences, seminars, courses, graduate programs, or participate in distance learning activities.
  • Develop and participate in seminars and conferences.
  • Each academic year, the college announces the maximum dollar amount that an individual may receive as reimbursement during that year. This figure is based upon the funding received by the College and recommendations made by the Professional Development Committee. Proposals are reviewed and approved by the Academic Dean. The applicant will be notified if proposal is not approved or more information is needed.

Part-time employees should refer to the Bargaining Unit Contract for eligibility.

Professional Development Funds are allocated the college for use during the academic year. As a State agency, CCC must comply with existing policy on deadlines and adequate documentation. Please follow the steps below to ensure the proper processing of your request:

To reserve funds, complete a travel authorization form (available in the Business Office).

Attach an official description of the program or product, including dates of attendance, if applicable.

Submit the proposal to the Academic Dean’s Office as soon as you can. Funds will be encumbered in the order in which requests are received and approved by the Dean. If your request is for an event, your reimbursement will be processed upon completion of the event.

To request reimbursement, obtain Application for Approval of Professional Development Activities of 4C’s Bargaining Unit from Human Resources. (PFD) Completed application should be forwarded to Human Resources.

Please complete and submit all paperwork by the annual deadline. This will allow sufficient time to process all requests.

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