Group Life Insurance

Life insurance provides a payment to your beneficiary upon your death. The state offers two group life insurance plans, a basic plan and a supplemental plan outlined below.

For the basic plan, the employee and the state share the cost of the basic life insurance plan. The employee’s premium share is made via payroll deduction. The benefits of the basic life insurance plan are based on the employees’ annual salary.

Employees who enroll in the basic plan are also eligible to participate in a “supplemental” life insurance plan, which provides benefits over and above what is available through the basic plan. The cost of the supplemental life insurance plan is paid entirely by the employee via payroll deduction.

Who’s Eligible

Permanent employees, whether classified or unclassified, full or part-time, may enroll in the basic life insurance plan upon completion of six months of continuous service.

Employees not meeting the definition of Section 5-196(20) of the General Statutes of Connecticut, such as seasonal, temporary, intermittent or contractual employees, are ineligible for Group Life Insurance. Provisional employees may be eligible as provided by collective bargaining agreements. Eligibility to participate in the supplemental life insurance requires participation in the basic life insurance plan and either:

  • Coverage under a collective bargaining agreement which allows for supplemental life insurance coverage; or
  • A yearly gross compensation of $45,500 or more as an employee exempt from collective bargaining.


Human Resources office will provide you with an enrollment form to request participation in the plan. If you waive participation, or fail to enroll, in the Group Life Insurance Plan within 31 days of hire and later choose to enroll in the program, you will be subject to evidence of insurability guidelines.

For more information about both the basic and supplemental Group Life Insurance plans, visit: