Instagram Challenge

There are two ways to participate via Instagram: 

  1. During the Event – give a shoutout on Instagram, post a photo, say something about the event! 
  2. After the Event – take part in “Instagram Challenge—The Rise” 

What is “Instagram Challenge – The Rise”? 

In celebration of the first annual Pennington Lecture on April 21, we are launching this Instagram Challenge to promote engagement with the lecture. This challenge is open to all – but the first 20 CCC students to participate will be eligible for a free copy of Sarah Lewis’ book, The Rise. 

The Challenge Prompt 

Post a picture or a short video (less than 60 seconds) and write a text that describes your own personal experience with the impact of “aesthetic force” in society (less than 2000 characters). 

Sarah Lewis describes “aesthetic force” as the power of an aesthetic encounter to move, inspire, motivate us to some kind of action or change. 

Aesthetic – (adjective) that which is pleasing to the senses, deemed beautiful, as in an artistic creation or natural wonder 

Submission Instructions – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

  1. Create your response to the challenge prompt 
  2. Post it on your Instagram page 
  3. Tag us at @PenningtonLectureCCC 

What to include? 

  • An image or video (less than 60 seconds) 
  • Text of no more than 2,000 characters that responds to the challenge prompt 

Want to receive a free copy of Sarah Lewis’ book The Rise? 

  • The first 20 CCC students to participate and send us a direct message (DM) are eligible 
  • After you post, DM us on @PenningtonLectureCCC with your name and student ID 

Don’t have an Instagram account? 

  • Download Instagram wherever you get your apps 
  • Follow the prompts to start your account and you’re ready to go! 

Want to participate without an Instagram account? 

  • No problem! Send your response to the prompt by email to Professor Sanchez-Blanco at [email protected] 
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