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a play by Agatha Christie, directed by Jackson Gray

It’s a freezing night in 1947 and a motley group of strangers find themselves suddenly trapped in an inn. As the snow falls, the body count rises — with intrigue, mystery, murder, and a dash of humor, this snowy getaway unfolds into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. 

Use your CCC ID for $5.00 One Play Theater Tickets!

  • Buy tickets in person at Hartford Stage with your CCC ID.
  • Reserve tickets by phone: (860) 527-5151 and pay upon pickup with your CCC ID.
  • Note: maximum purchase quantity applies. CCC students, staff, and faculty can buy up to two (2) tickets at the $5.00 One Play cost per CCC ID. Faculty members can purchase tickets in bulk on behalf of student groups, but should notify the box office in advance to confirm available ticket quantities. $5.00 One Play ticket prices apply to all One Play-designated performance dates except opening nights. Supplies are limited.
  • HHP encourages faculty to add One Play to your syllabus in all disciplines!
  • Invite your students to attend a performance, as a class or independently.
  • Meet the Actors: November 2nd from 12:00 – 1:00 pm, at CCC in the Community Room (2nd Floor).
  • Visit the Instructor Resources page for additional tools and templates including writing assignments, creative projects, and innovative prompts.
Thursday 7:30 pm Oct. 13th
Friday 8:00 pm Oct. 14th
Saturday 8:00 pm Oct. 15th
Sunday 2:00 pm Oct. 16th
Tuesday 7:30 pm Oct. 18th
Wednesday 7:30 pm Oct. 19th
Thursday 7:30 pm Oct. 20th
Saturday 2:00 pm; 8:00 pm Oct. 22nd
Sunday 2:00 pm Oct. 23rd
Wednesday 7:30 pm Oct. 26th
Thursday 7:30 pm Oct. 27th
Friday 8:00 pm Oct. 28th
Saturday 2:00 pm; 8:00 pm Oct. 29th
Sunday 2:00 pm Oct. 30th
Tuesday 7:30 pm Nov. 1st
Wednesday | Meet the Actors! 12:00 pm* 2:00 pm Nov. 2nd
Thursday 7:30 pm Nov. 3rd
Friday 8:00 pm Nov. 4th
Saturday 2:00 pm; 8:00 pm Nov. 5th
Sunday 2:00 pm Nov. 6th
*MEET THE ACTORS EVENT: November 2, 12-1pm, COMMUNITY ROOM (2ND Floor)

Hartford Stage
50 Church Street
Hartford, CT 06103
Box Office: (860) 527-5151
Email: BoxOffice@hartfordstage.org

HHP Liaison

Julia Rosenblatt, Humanities
(860) 906-5206


How to Buy Tickets
  • Purchase up to 2 tickets per Capital Community College ID.
    Purchase by phone or in-person.
    Show your CCC ID when picking up tickets.

    Call the Box Office at 860-527-5151, open daily from noon to 5:00pm.


    Purchase on-site at 50 Church Street, open daily from noon to 5:00pm.

Field Trip Basics (tips for faculty)
  • Plan ahead and put the event on your syllabus. If there is a cost involved (usually not more than $5), it is recommended that you state this in your syllabus and announce it from the first day of class. You may want to say “If this poses a problem, please see me privately.” If any students do express their inability to pay, contact Jeff Partridge for assistance.

    If the event is extra credit, provide your students with the event information, including how to get tickets, and leave it to them. Some students may not be able to attend an event that happens on only one date/time, so be sure to offer extra credit across variety of dates/times or events.

    If the event is required, there are two ways of organizing it:

    1. See it “on your own.” Explain that students will need to attend the event on their own prior to a particular deadline, and list this requirement in your syllabus. In this way, the students are responsible for the material for class discussion and/or assignments in the same way that you require other material, like readings or viewing media. With this method, you do not need to purchase tickets for students but leave it up to them.
    2. See it together. Explain that you will see the event together as a class on a particular date/time, and list this requirement in your syllabus. This is a good way to build class relationships, but be sure to make a contingency plan for any students who are not available for the scheduled date/time. For students who are unable to attend the scheduled date/time, either (A) inform students that they need to go to or call the box office to purchase tickets themselves or (B) purchase the tickets for your class in bulk and ask the student to buy their tickets through you. Option (A) sometimes results in students not getting tickets before the event sells out; Option (B) sometimes results in the instructor “eating” some of the tickets if students don’t show.


written by Alaudin Ullah, directed by Chay Yew

Travel from present-day Hollywood to 1970s Spanish Harlem to 1930s Bangladesh with comedian Alaudin Ullah as he hilariously explores the complex nature of the American Dream.

Thursday 7:30 pm Feb. 24th
Friday 8:00 pm Feb. 25th
Saturday 8:00 pm Feb. 26th
Sunday 2:00 pm Feb. 27th
Tuesday 7:30 pm Mar. 1st
Wednesday 7:30 pm Mar. 2nd
Thursday 7:30 pm Mar. 3rd
Saturday 2:00 pm Mar. 5th
Sunday 2:00 pm Mar. 6th
Tuesday 7:30 pm Mar. 8th
Wednesday* 2:00 pm; 7:30 pm* Mar. 9th*
Thursday 7:30 pm Mar. 10th
Friday 8:00 pm Mar. 11th
Saturday 8:00 pm Mar. 12th
Sunday 2:00 pm Mar. 13th
Thursday 7:30 pm Mar. 17th
Friday 8:00 pm Mar. 18th
Saturday 2:00 pm; 8:00 pm Mar. 19th
Sunday 2:00 pm Mar. 20th
*Meet the Actors: Wednesday, March 9, 12-1pm, in Degnan Hall (11th Floor)
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