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Capital faculty have been employing place-based approaches to teaching since 2011. This page is designed for faculty to share tried-and-true approaches with one another.

Feel free to adopt, adapt, and apply any of these lessons to your own teaching practices.

Using a Play for ENG 101 Evaluation Essay Daniela Ragusa, English
Brief Comment – One Play Kathleen Herron, Math
Cabinet of Curiosities Susan Matthews, Science
Critical Review – One Note Joshua Hummel, Music
Hartford as a Learning Opportunity Ira Hessmer, Architecture
Hartford Authors Project Jeffrey Partridge, English
HHP Event Review Linda Cocchiola, ESL
Live Performance Written Response Ronald Glaz, English
Marketing to Non-Profits Nancy LaGuardia, Management
Re(discovering) Hartford Ronald Glaz, English
Research Argument Alexandra Carey, English
Tour and Outdoor Lecture Carmen Yiamouyiannis, Science
Wadsworth Colt Collection Research Paper Marcus Lawson, History
Written Response for a Play Julia Rosenblatt, Theatre

If you have a favorite place-based assignment you’d be willing to share on this page, let us know! Share your Place-Based Teaching ideas here.

Students journal about their experiences with the museum, how they perceive the staff, buildings, and environments.”
–Alexandra Carey, English

“Often many of my students tell me that this is the first play they have ever attended and plan to go to more in the future.”
–Kathleen Herron, Math

“Students do several large-scale sketches related to the period we study, and they draw buildings from those styles found in Hartford.”
–Ira Hessmer, Architecture

“The students love getting out of the classroom or away from their computer. They love visiting some place that is close by their home that they didn’t know about.”
–Carmen Yiamouyiannis, Science

“We review what a non-profit is, study the demographics of specific plays, and discuss ways to keep marketing costs down. I always wait for students in the lobby, and we sit together, since some of them come by themselves. We get to know each other on a more personal level.”
–Nancy LaGuardia, Management

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