Subject Areas

Take a class featuring Hartford’s Heritage or jump fully in with an immersion course.

📍symbol = Immersion Courses (on-site at partner locations).

Course Trailer: ENG 220

ARC 102: Architecture of the World
ARC 205: Architectural Designing I
ART 200: History of American Art📍
BIO 111: Introduction to Nutrition
BMK 201: Principles of Marketing
ENG 102: Literature and Composition
ENG 200: Advanced Composition
ENG 220: Studies in American Literature📍
ENG 222: American Literature II
ESL 023: Reading & Writing II
ESL 027: Oral Communication II
HIS 202: U.S. History II
IDS 250: Liberal Arts Capstone
MUS 225: Arts & Entertainment Management📍
Nursing Clinical Instruction
POL 111: American Government📍
THR 101: Introduction to Theater
THR 110: Acting I
THR 127: Contemporary Theater Production


Prof. Jeffrey Partridge, Director

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