Hartford Heritage Project (faculty)

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Whether you are looking to schedule an online conversation, a site visit to access special archives, or simply take a tour, the Hartford Heritage Project makes place-based learning easy.


In a survey of students who studied “Romeo and Juliet” in their classes and saw the play live at the Hartford Stage, 58 percent reported that it was their first experience seeing live theater. Hartford Stage, along with many other Hartford Heritage Partners, offer supplemental workshops at least once a semester. Workshops can be designed to fit your needs.

Hybrid Class Design

Place-based education links college courses to the real world. Museums, theaters, parks and community resources become extensions of the college campus, and students gain a new perspective on communities around the college. Ask about redesigning your course.

Once-a-Semester Opportunities

As community college faculty, our commitment is to human flourishing, preparing our students for fulfilling lives in their careers and communities. Weave a Hartford Heritage connection into your syllabus today.

“It doesn’t matter what your discipline is, HHP activities give us ways to expand and relate our courses to their surroundings.”Peggy Schuyler, ESL Faculty

Past Workshops