The college is in the process of finalizing its three-year Strategic Plan.  To ensure that equity, diversity and inclusion are truly integrated into the functions of the college, the following has been added to the Strategic Plan, yet to be approved:

Objective 4: Promote a Culture of Equity and Inclusiveness

  • Provide holistic support to students that address academic and non-academic barriers to postsecondary persistence and success
  • Cultivate an informed and engaged college community that welcomes students as they are, fosters meaningful relationships and connects students to required resources
  • Establish a Center for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (CEDI)
  • Establish a Second-Chance Center aimed at helping to reduce recidivism through re-entry educational programming
  • Utilize counseling center for non-advising counseling activities
  • Continued support of the Veterans Oasis Center, including the annual Veterans Day Luncheon and other activities