STATWAY I (4 semester hours: no credit)

MAT* 092

Statway I is the first course in the two semester Statway course sequence. The
Statway course sequence is recommended for students enrolled in degree programs
that require no mathematics beyond freshman-level statistics. Both courses in
the course sequence, Statway I and Statway II, must be taken to receive credit
for college level statistics. Students will use mathematical and statistical tools
to explore real life data in a participatory learning environment. Statway I topics
include an introduction to data analysis, statistical studies, sampling, experimental
design, descriptive statistics techniques, scatterplots, correlation and regression,
modeling data with functions, linear and exponential functions, and probability.
This course requires the use of statistical technology. Prerequisite: Qualifying score
on placement test, co-requisite of ENG* 073 or qualifying Score on Placement Test,
or permission of Chair of Science and Mathematics Department.