The student will explore the basic principles of management, leadership and
collaborative relationships as they relate to providing safe and competent care. The
focus is on the utilization of critical thinking skills to make decisions, priority setting,
delegation, legal parameters of nursing practice and ethical issues. The student
will expand the concept of caring to the profession of nursing through collegial and
interdisciplinary communication. The course facilitates the transition of the student
into the profession and his/her role in contemporary nursing practice.
Classroom: 30 hours
Pre-requisite Courses: NUR*201: Nursing Care of Individuals and Families I;
NUR*202: Pharmacology for Individuals and Families with Intermediate Health Care
Needs; ENG *102: English Composition & Literature
Co-requisite Courses: NUR*203: Nursing Care of Individuals and Families II;
NUR*204: Pharmacology for Individuals, Families and Groups with Complex Health
Care Needs; Elective: Humanities or Fine Arts