The student will focus on holistic care of individuals and families across the lifespan
with a variety of health care needs. The needs of clients experiencing endocrine,
respiratory, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular conditions and selected mental health
disorders are examined. Bioterrorism as a health care issue will be addressed.
Clinical laboratory experience provides the student an opportunity to administer
care to a diverse population of clients in a variety of acute care and community
health care settings. The student will utilize critical thinking, caring, professionalism
and communication skills in the care of the client. Emphasis is placed on provision of
safe and competent care and development of the professional role as a member of
a multidisciplinary health care team. Over the semester, the student is increasingly
challenged in the clinical area with more complex client assignments.
Classroom: 60 hours
Clinical: 225 hours (22 hours laboratory, 203 hours clinical)
Pre-requisite Courses: NUR*102: Family Health Nursing and NUR*103:
Pharmacology for families Across the Life Span, (or for LPN Articulation NUR*131);
PSY*201: Life Span; SOC* 101: Principles of Sociology; BIO*211: Anatomy &
Physiology I; BIO*212: Anatomy & Physiology II; ENG*101: English Composition
Co-requisite Courses: NUR*202: Pharmacology for Individuals and Families with
Intermediate Health Care Needs; ENG*102: English Composition & Literature.