MED* 280

This course will provide the student with a daytime-only work experience in a
physician’s office, clinic, or other approved site under the supervision and control
of the college. Work experience hours are offered Monday through Friday in
order to provide adequate oversight by a designated site supervisor and college
personnel. Weekly seminars are conducted to review the work experience, prepare
for a national credentialing exam offered by the AAMA and/or the AMT and
future employment. Formerly listed as MED 105, not open to students who have
successfully completed MED 105. Prerequisites: Enrollment in Medical Assisting
Program; approval of program coordinator; Red Cross/American Heart Association
certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid; successful
completion of all required coursework within certificate or degree program.
Students must have a 2.0 overall QPA and a grade of C or better in the following
courses: MED* 250, MED* 131, MED* 141, MED* 114, MED* 112.