LPN to RN Transition II (Transfer Only)

NUR* 131

This course represents a mechanism to award credit equivalent to the first year
of the CT-CCNP to the LPN who has successfully completed the CT League for
Nursing Articulation Plan for LPN to RN.
Upon successful completion of:
1.    Charter Oak State College NUR 190: LPN to RN Articulation Bridge Course;
2.    NUR*132;
3.    BIO*235: Microbiology;
4.    PSY 111: General Psychology;
5.    PSY*201: Life Span;
6.    SOC* 101: Principles of Sociology;
the LPN is awarded these credits as NUR*131 which is equivalent to
NUR*101, NUR*102 and NUR*103. Following this award, the LPN student
may enter NUR*201 and NUR*202