ENG* 102

Study of Literature and the writing process necessary for responding critically to
reading in written compositions. Students read multiple works of Literature in three
literary genres: including fiction (short stories and/or novels), poetry, and drama.
Students use secondary sources pertaining to the Literature (short pieces of literary
criticism, book reviews, and/or author interviews, etc.) to read the Literature itself
more deeply and write about it through a particular lens. Students prepare written
Compositions about the Literature they read according to such approaches as
reader's response, inter-textual analysis, basic literary criticism, or other appropriate
methods, including rhetorical and evaluative analysis. Students learn common
literary terms and apply them in writing. Students write with attention to audience
and purpose, organization and development, language and conventions, and use
MLA documentation. Though some sections of this course may be thematically
focused, selections must represent a diversity of writers and literary traditions
from American, British, and World Literature so that the reading is as diverse
as the student population, so that the reading showcases variety in the English
language, and so that the reading represents the breadth of human experience
while expounding certain universals. This course introduces students to Literature,
but it emphasizes writing about Literature in written compositions; it is a course in
writing about reading, not creative writing. Prerequisite: ENG* 101.