BFN* 260

The course covers the basics of investment types and terminology, and then the
specifics of stocks, the stock market, the many types of mutual funds, equity
funds, bonds, retirement plans and other “safe” investments and taxes. These
are combined with techniques for using the World Wide Web to do research
and trade. The emphasis is on familiarizing students with the many internet
resources for long-term investing, short-term investing and day-trading, plus
methods to research and assemble a successful portfolio commensurate with the
students’ needs, investment goals and preferences. The course will be theoretical
(with a virtual portfolio and no actual investment advice given). No prerequisites
are necessary, although familiarity with the WWW is desired, either personally or
via CSA* 163 The Internet. NOTE: Students are discouraged from actual investing
during the course and the College assumes no liability for any investments, inferred
investment advice and outcomes, should the student participate in actual investing,
during or as a result of this course.