BMK* 216

The course covers the principles of e-commerce (both business-to-business and
retail), combined with the basics of how to set up and conduct e-business on the
World Wide Web. Topics include Web page authoring, company Web site design
and implementation, selection of ISP services such as encryption, security, credit
card transaction capabilities, inventory control, shipping, customer support and
acquisition, promotion and selection of products. Emphasis is on familiarizing
students with the principles of the Internet’s World Wide Web as it relates to
e-commerce, how e-business is conducted, generally, and, specifically, how
to set up an e-business. Formerly listed as MGMT 299, not open to students
who have successfully completed MGMT 299. This course has no prerequisites;
however, familiarity with the WWW is helpful. Additionally, in order to effectively
construct and implement an actual working e-business, permission of the
instructors of CSA* 163 and CST* 150 is recommended.