Help Desk Concepts

CST* 125

The goal of this course is to impart the knowledge needed to function as a Help
Desk Professional. The huge demand for computer technical support, coupled with
a shortage of information technology (IT) professionals, have created tremendous
career opportunities in the field of customer service and technical support, or
what is referred to as a Help Desk Specialist or Professional. To work at a help desk,
you must understand hardware, software, networking and the World Wide Web,
combined with what is involved in actually delivering technical support services
to the customer or staff member. The help desk professional must also understand
the role of the help desk within a complex technical support department. Formerly
listed as CIS 299, not open to students who have successfully completed CIS
299. Prerequisites: Basic computer concepts, or computer literacy, or CSA 105;
networking, Internet and World Wide Web concepts, or CSA* 163; and knowledge of
software products, such as Microsoft Office, or CSA 105.