FTA* 130

This course is a directed study and service opportunity for those in a Tech-Prep
program. It is designed to allow the participant to develop an awareness of the
fire service and provide a service opportunity benefiting both the student and the
community. To participate, a student, at a minimum, must be part of a Junior/
Cadet/Apprenticeship/Probationary program sponsored by a fire, rescue, emergency
medical service or fire marshal’s office. To obtain college credit for this program, the
student must participate in the Tech-Prep Program as prescribed for his/her high
school. Credit for this course will not be granted separately. The student will be
assigned a mentor from his/her sponsor and the Fire Technology and Administration
program and will be required to complete a project designed by the Department
and agreeable to the mentor. Formerly listed as FTA 130, not open to students who
have successfully completed FTA 130.