The student will focus on issues affecting the family, including childbearing,
childrearing, geriatric care and intermediate health care needs of limited duration.
The medical surgical health problems include care for the client in the perioperative
period and the client experiencing orthopedic and simple genito-urinary
conditions. The course addresses several psychiatric disorders: anxiety and cognitive
disorders, common child and adolescent psychiatric disorders. The student will have
clinical rotations that provide experience caring for the childbearing family as well
as caring for medical-surgical clients across the lifespan.
Classroom: 60 hours
Clinical: 180 hours (18 hours laboratory, 162 hours clinical)
Pre-requisite Courses: NUR*101: Introduction to Nursing Practice; BIO*235:
Microbiology; PSY* 111: General Psychology
Co-requisite Courses: NUR*103: Pharmacology for families Across the Life Span;
PSY*201: Life Span; SOC* 101: Principles of Sociology